• Paximune's active ingredient is a naturally occurring protein that has been proven in over 100 clinical trials to boost the immune systems of adults, children, infants, pets and livestock.
  • Paximune is absolutely safe with no side effects ever reported in adults, children, pets or livestock.  Our patented formulation mirrors nature's delivery and dosage cycles.
  • Paximune can be taken regularly as an immune system boosting supplement for adults with weakening immune systems. 
  • Paximune can also be taken as a therapeutic when necessary.
  • Each bottle of Paximune is designed to last 2 months at the adult recommended daily dosage of 3-4 sprays delivered orally morning and night.  (Children/infants half -1 spray as needed)
  • Paximune costs $49.99 per bottle so less than a dollar a day for a strong healthy offensive immune system that can help you seek and destroy what does not belong in your body letting you live healthier, happier and longer. 
  • Our shopping cart is encrypted for your privacy and security and we do not ever store or sell your personal information.  We only use your information to deliver you your purchase. 
  • If you feel more comfortable ordering via email, please email your inquiry to info@boostmyimmunesystem.com and we can take your credit card information over the phone. 

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The safest fastest most effective immune system boosting supplement available.

Viruses are constantly evolving mutations to shut down the immune system's ability to produce the very proteins Paximune replenishes.  These mutations are why every year there is a new flu vaccine.  It makes sense to add back to the body in natural dosages what these viruses have evolved to take away.  Once a virus shuts down the ability of the host to produce these special proteins, that is when the virus gains control and your immune system fails to fight back.  With Paximune your own immune system evolves in real time against the virus through replenishment of these vital proteins.

Paximune Immune System Booster

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